About Us

We are passionate about food. And wine. And the odd cocktail.

We believe in sustainability.

We believe in local, ethically sourced food and use it as much as possible.

We support local farmers & growers.

Our meat & eggs come from W Diamond Ranch & Happy Pig Organic Farm. They taste better. They are better.

Our seafood comes from Dolly's Fish Market in Prince Rupert. Her products are top-notch.

We believe in supporting local artisans like Meg Hobson from Rustica Bakery, and Franzi Cody from Art & Soul Pottery.

We use locally roasted coffee from the folks at Chicken Creek Coffee Company.

We soften our water on site. It tastes better.

We clean the café with non-persistent chemicals.

We compost almost anything you don't eat.

Often we choose the environment, local economy, and family over greater profit!

We want to keep cooking for years to come, so we'll continue doing everything we can to improve.

We do what we can to make difference, and deciding to eat here helps make that difference.